2018 SourceAmerica Design Challenge

The SourceAmerica Design Challenge is a national challenge that allows high school and college students to work in teams alongside nonprofit organizations to assist in helping people with disabilities remove any obstacles from their ability to be successful in the workplace.

The registration process has currently began, it is now time to organize that team in which will create a new and innovative ideas for which will enable our disabled neighbors to overcome the obstacles that he or she is facing. You and your team have the opportunity to be the solution to these problems; which has been hindering their abilities to succeed in the workplace. Your team will be judged based on how your invention impacts the workplace. A team is made up of the following individuals: a coach, five team members, a representative from the nonprofit agency in which your team chooses to work for, and of course the “subject matter expert” (SME) along with a possible SME assistant. The SME is the disabled person(s) to whom your teams members have chosen to help.

How does anyone benefit from this challenge? The students that participate have the opportunity to experience something that is real-life and allows them to assist in creating a solution to a current problem in the workplace. As well, the disabled people that these students plan to help will benefit because hopefully whatever is holding them back from succeeding in their career can be solved by a new, innovative idea that is put to action as a result of the challenge findings.

If your team if chosen as a finalist in the finals competition in April 2018, the entire team gets to travel to Washington D.C., to present their findings before a live audience and panel of judges. This is a three-day event, in which will include visits to Capitol Hill and training sessions. SourceAmerica will cover all travel expenses, and the winning team will receive a monetary award.

SourceAmerica, established in 1974, is an agency that works with non-profit organizations to assist in matching government and commercial contracts in helping people with disabilities find gainful employment and succeed in the workforce.

Curious about the challenge, follow SourceAmerica to see who wins in 2018!