A Look At The Top Digital Marketing Agencies In The Washington D.C. Area

Advertising agencies can help businesses make money by creating campaigns and advertising them to the media. Advertising agencies can help businesses save money while building their brand. With that being said, here is a look at the top digital marketing agencies in The Washington D.C. area.

August Lang & Husak
August Lang & Husak is an agency that creates TV and radio advertising campaigns. The agency also offers different services including research, direct mail, marketing, and strategic planning. The company believes that every marketing campaign should emphasize their client’s core values. August Lang & Husak strives to build strong marketing plans that help define the companies behind them. August Lang & Husak has worked with The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, The Washington Auto Show, and The American Red Cross.


CHIEF creates strategies for clients in multiple sectors. CHIEF’s services include branding, digital marketing, web development and user experience. CHIEF uses innovative tools to figure out what their clients do that appeals to people. They use research to help brainstorm ideas. CHIEF stands out as a minority and female owned business. CHIEF was featured in The Washington Business Journal.

Jim Walsh founded DSPolitical in 2011 and is considered the leading digital advertising company for Democratic candidates and progressive causes in The United States. DSPolitical gives their clients the edge over their competitors thanks to the agency’s wide depth of reach, large inventory, and enterprise software. The agency has a special partnership with Catalist. The partnership has allowed DSPolitical’s advertisements to reach millions of people on different online devices. The leadership at DSPolitical has experience working with Democratic campaigns, political technology, and progressive organizations.

Spurrier Group
The Spurrier Group works with clients on services including consumer research and media planning. The agency looks at data to figure out ways to reach their client’s target audiences. The Spurrier Group uses the data to create custom marketing campaigns that appeal to everyone. The Spurrier Group is made up of members from The Albright Group or BrkThru Digital.

RMR & Associates Inc.
The agency has over 20 years of experience handling video and print advertising for their clients. The agency has worked on projects for USA Today, Subway, and Vonage. The agency has won many prestigious awards