Alumni Gift to Support the Missouri Government Internship Program

The Truman State University has recently received a gift of $40 000 to support its Missouri Government Internship Program. Alumni Scott Zajac and Ryan Brennan, together with their company, Advantage Capital Partners, have made the donation and it was presented at the recent Foundation Banquet.

Zajac is the Advantage Capital Partners’ senior managing director and Brennan is the principal of the firm. They were both former participants of the Missouri Government Internship Program. The program essentially sends juniors and seniors annually to Jefferson City for a semester long internship with a public inspector, state agency or a legislator. The program is one the most preferred and distinctive co-curricular programs for the students of Truman State University.

The Advantage Capital Partners was founded in 1992. It is a private equity firm that makes investments in promising companies that have a connection with federal and local and state initiatives that deal with economic development. Their offices are located in St. Louis, New Orleans, La., and in a number of other cities. Advantage Capital Partners has raised over $700 million in institutional capital.

The Missouri Government Internship Program was founded in 1992, a couple of decades prior the Advantage Capital Partners. An estimated number of over 500 students have participated in the Internship program since it was first launched. The Truman State University is planning on growing that number by prompting additional donation by other companies and corporations as well as former program participants, proudly shares the vice president for University Advancement Mark Gambaiana.

Everyone at the University is thrilled and proud to receive this endowment of $40 000. University President Barbara Dixon stated that the money will be geared towards the expansion of the opportunities for the program’s participants and towards the providing of a solid and lasting financial base for the university’s students.

The earnings from this generous endowment will be directed towards the stipends that are received by the participants in the Missouri Government Internship Program which is used to relieve the incurred living expenses during the semester long program. Hopefully, by expanding their ability to provide for the participants in the program during its course, the Missouri Government Internship Program will be able to attract more and more students to take advantage of the benefits it presents.

Hopefully, Zajac’s and Brennan’s generous endowment towards the Missouri Government Internship Program will inspire others to donate to the program and help it expand.