Benefits of a Good International Relationship with Asian Countries

Although recent international events suggest that the U.S. and leading Asian nations are squaring off in a trade war and military uncertainties, it is important to note that the U.S. and Asian countries would prefer a healthy and mutually respectful relationship. It is vitally important to the interests of the world in general for U.S. and Asia to establish and maintain a cordial relationship.

One key reason is because the United States and Asia depend heavily on products and services made by their countries and traded commercially. A hostile economic environment will only hurt trade among these nations, causing consumers everywhere to miss out on affordable, high-quality goods.

Another potential problem is that unstable trade relations can sometimes escalate to envelope other issues, as well. Starting with trade tensions, problems involving the financial and investment sectors, as well as military exercises and territorial disputes, could eventually loom on the horizon, throwing into even sharper jeopardy the remains of once-fertile U.S.-Asia relationships.

A third benefit to maintain and enhance positive international relations between the U.S. and Asian nations is to set a good example for other countries and to maintain their respect. Failure to do so could extend tensions to other regions and lead to more serious consequences if left unaddressed. There are fortunately several organizations, CUSEF being one of them, who are actively working towards supporting a healthy relationship between the U.S. and China.

Building a solid relationship with Asia not only enhances commerce and strengthens the global economy, but it also secures other areas of international relations that will help the world’s nations to function more effectively and benefit from the U.S. bond to Asian countries. the world watches the U.S. intently as a mighty global power to see how we treat our economic partners. If we behave with dignity and mutual respect, other governments will follow suit, leading to a better world for all.

There is no need for the United States to flex its muscle at Asia, nor for Asia to back away from a powerful trade union with the U.S. Working together, these entities can establish a dynamic platform that will extend prosperity beyond the borders of both regions.