Best Places to Live if You Collect Art in Miami

If you’ve ever been to South Florida, you’ll get the idea that art is big there. And it’s no surprise, because it’s a cultural Mecca. It’s filled with people from all over the world. It’s also filled with well-healed retirees, most of which are well-educated and who will pay lavishly for art, like George Lindemann Jr.. To them, it’s a very prudent investment, so if you look at your art in this light then you’ll do well if you’re an artist there. If you’re a collector, you’ll have quite a great choice of artists that do some very unique artwork. Without further ado, the best places to live if you collect art in Miami.

South Beach

South Beach, better known as SOBE, is a beach town that is populated with hip artists that come from typically the islands and/or the Northeast…and they have to have money to spend because SOBE is far from cheap!

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a tiny island like place that is nestled in the middle of Miami and all the hustle and bustle there. Frankly, it’s pretty chaotic, but this space is a cultural and artistic wonderland. And again, money lives there with educated and cultured people. This type of art collector is more likely to attend artist openings and showings in the actual galleries. The SOBE collector may be more relaxed and go to an art fair. So there is a difference in dynamic there.

Delray Beach

Miami proper is just that: Miami-Dade county; however, the natives there consider the neighboring counties a part of them and it’s quite normal for people collecting art to also collect in other nearby counties. When Miami is advertised as having an event in the area or reported on the news, it will typically be billed as “Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches.” Delray Beach is a funky up-and-coming beach town that is making its love and support for the arts known. They have several galleries and co-op galleries, as well as a ton of art fairs with high attendance.

In conclusion

These three towns make up a triangle of art, artists, and collectors. The ranges for real estate albeit, on the pricier side, offer an incredible array of choice from condos that are right inside the art districts within walking distance and homes within the suburbs.