Binding a Positive Relationship Between the U.S. and China

It is the entire world’s interest that the United States and China get along, and it is entirely possible to build a positive relationship between these two powerful nations. For starters, the United States and China have a long history of good relations. Secondly, their economies complement each other and, furthermore, working together, the United States and China can help solve problems that confront the entire world. This process needs to come from both Washington D.C. and Beijing.

A history of good relations

The United States is China’s largest trading partner, and vice versa. The two countries have gone from trading in the millions of dollars with each other in the 1970’s to the billions today, and this has happened because of mutual interests and mutual respect. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of young Chinese have studied in the United States, and this has led to strong bonds between the two countries.

Economies that complement each other

When it comes to trade, both sides have things that the other lack. For example, the United States has oil and gas that China needs, and China has an enormous population of people eager to buy products from the United States. Moreover, both countries have a shared interest in the security of the Pacific Rim, and their military interests are aligned in this regard.

A shared partnership for the world

As the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China are in a unique position to be a combined force for international good. Working together, the United States and China can confront climate change and give a positive example, as well as support and assistance, to the developing world in this regard. Additionally, both countries have great universities and research institutions, and, sharing resources and information, they can take on world health threats such as Ebola and many more.

In short, the United States and China working together creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, both countries should be looking out for themselves by looking out for each other.

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