China-US Relations: Never More Crucial Than Now

The CUSEF beleive China and the US stand at the pinnacle of time in world history.

The vital importance of this relationship (in the modern era) can be traced back to then US president Nixon administration’s historic visit to mainland China in 1972; the first time a US president had ever set foot on Chinese soil and what wound up opening up a 25-year gap in public dialogue between the two nations.

Even after reestablishing this communication line back then, the 2 governments have behaved with each other in a state of wariness. It is believed Washington’s overture back in ’72 was an attempt to create a buffer against what was perceived as an aggressive Soviet Union expansion during the Cold War era circa 1949 to 1989. This may explain Beijing’s extreme caution with both those rival nations for the in fear of being potentially cut out in the long run; and maybe believe this possibly presently.

Presently, this partnership benefits them both in a variety of ways despite the allegations of a trade imbalance both countries report on occasion. Throughout all that occasional clamor, they share manufacturing processes that are still intact as of this day; as China provides many processed goods to the US; most notably technological; while the US in turn trades and exports food stuffs and other products back to its mainland. Now China and the US have become ever more entwined in a global economy that has 100s of other nations within the economic chain as well.

All this makes this relationship even more crucial; for in a sense, the US and China are now very entangled into not only their partnerships but the global supply chain overall. A trip up in this partnership of sorts could effect not only their economies but many others tied in within worldwide.

Recently, it appears that China has begun to expand its presence across the Pan-Asia region; a place it was said that they once dominated back in the country’s Classical Era and that now, Beijing believes, is rightfully theirs to control and oversee. This brings about outcries from those within the Pacific Rim; as they and the US continue to demand free and unhindered trade routes they have enjoyed at least since World War II.

At this time, it would seem only the US can bring forth any offers of worth for China to consider regarding this vital region. If they can work this out together and other kinks regarding trade overall, this would be arguably be just as historic since Nixon’s visit; for the region has potential monetary windfalls for all should an agreement come about eventually.

A peaceful coexistence is not only vital for economic reasons globally, but perhaps more importantly, the world’s general safety.