Energy Solutions from Atlantic Diving Supply

ADS Inc (Atlantic Diving Supply) has been providing energy solutions for the use of the military and the Navy Seals for over twenty years.

ADS offers many different products, such as the FlexGen multi-Generator Mobile Microgrid products. These products are mobile, scalable, and multi-generator microgrids that make it possible to integrate high-performance storage, controls, and power distribution. It has been battlefield tested by the U.S.Marine Corps and have been proven to reduce fuel consumption, as well as maintenance, and even emissions.

ADS is also the place to get reliable fuel tank kits, Army/Navy distribution boxes, class L extensions, and connectors. Their Trinity Hybrid Energy Systems a hybrid micro power area network that utilizes flex-fuel energy generation as well as harvesting, and machine storage. They are man portable modules that can link together to provide a scalable Smart-Grid with the benefits of multiple fuel options and tactical redundancies. It is best suited for squad level power, expeditionary missions, and combat outposts, and will support forward operating bases.

The LexTM3 LuxCommander Portable Work light that they carry has been designed for very harsh environments and are ideal for virtually any job. They can be used for inspection, maintenance, and manufacturing, but are ideal for any situation. They are normally used in aerospace and aircraft applications as well as in shipyards, emergency shelters, in shipyards, and will provide powerful light whenever needed. They vary form 8,200 to 16, 4000 Lumens and supply three times more light than conventional fluorescent lights.

The LexTM3 allows for safe distribution of power to smaller units, control units, portable lights, and many other applications including in base camps and harsh conditions. It can range from 15KW to 200KW.

They also offer over molded cable sets, power management modules, and Powerramp cable protectors.

The products that Atlantic Diving Supply offers will make any environment safer and their products make it easier to get any job done. Their energy solutions have been tried and tested and are up to the high standards of their clients.

Atlantic Diving Supply is on top of current market trends and the latest technologies. They are able to help their clients meet their budget as well as requirements. They offer only top notch performance in the areas of design, development, testing, fielding, and sustainment. They are also experts in integrating solutions that work and deliver on time.