Five Best Real Estate Developers in Washington

Five Best Real Estate Developers in Washington

Real Estate development is one of the more critical aspects of building any Frank Haney community. In cities such as Washington D.C., real estate development has been very beneficial for both businesses and individuals alike. With real estate development, a number of high quality properties have been built in for both commercial and residential purposes. These properties have been developed by five of the best real estate developers in Washington D.C. These companies have helped improve and revitalize the city and metro area.

The first real estate developer that is among the best in the city is Peterson Companies. This company is among the largest privately held organizations in Washington D. C. Peterson Companies provides clients with numerous real estate development options which include residential properties, commercial buildings and also retail properties.

Another developer that is rated as among the best in Washington D.C. is PN Hoffman. This developer was founded in 1993 and specializes in the development of mixed use properties. These include office buildings, residential properties and also retail buildings. PN Hoffman has been known to transform neighborhoods by putting together new and innovative properties in both the commercial and residential sectors. As well as transforming neighborhoods with high quality properties, PN Hoffman keeps in touch with the residents of the community in order to determine the best way to meet their real estate needs.

Douglas Development Corporation has also established itself as among the top real estate developers in Washington D.C. This firm specializes in the design and construction of both residential and commercial office buildings. Founded in the year 1985, Douglas Development Corporation has completed nearly 200 projects over the course of its existence. This developer specializes in the revitalization of properties in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area.

Clark Construction is a developer that offers real estate development services throughout the entire nation. This developer offers clients a number of services which include general development, construction, property management and the management of real estate investment. It is often ranked as one of the top builders of multifamily properties in the entire nation. Clark Construction builds a number of luxury apartments, military family housing, and mixed use communities. Since 1992, the firm has established itself as among the top developers in Washington D.C. and the entire United States.

Lerner Enterprises is among the top five real estate developers in Washington D. C. This firm specializes in all aspects of real estate development such as commercial, residential, retail, hotel and mixed use development. The firm participates in the planning, development, construction, leasing and property management of any properties it builds. Its portfolio is quite extensive and includes a number of well-known properties such as Dulles Town Center, Fallsgrove Village Center, Tysons Galleria, Annapolis Harbor Center and also the North Point Village Center.