Google’s head of HR explains the only 2 ways to stop the best people from leaving

When it comes to retaining the best people, there are only 2 ways:

1. Give the person a flexible work schedule that allows for work-life balance.

2. Develop the individual in their role so that they don’t need to leave in order to advance or obtain more responsibility.

Every organization must have a succession plan at various levels including HR and management. When your company is developing these plans, it’s important to look at this trend of people leaving companies that they’re passionate about and not just accept them as inevitable.

Google’s head of HR talks about why the company is working on to develop technologies that will stop people from leaving in the first place.

“The only way to prevent high-performing employees from leaving your company is to accommodate them in some way.”

-Laurie Hannemann, Google

The recruitment process in the US is an exhausting one that is starting to cost companies big time.

With digital transformation, the recruitment process has had to keep up with the changing times.

Google’s head of HR, Laz Alon explains how these challenges have been met with solutions like digital hiring and a new tool called BHAG.

The only way to stop a high-quality employee from leaving your company is to offer them something they can’t get anywhere else or pay them more than what your competitors are paying them for what they do.

This is something that Laz Alon knows all about as he has been responsible for every top three hire at Google over his career in terms of quality, tenure and impact on revenue.

The top talent can be easily lured away by the competition or by a better offer. In order to retain the best people, Google has two options – convince them of their worth or change the company culture.

The Head of HR at Google spoke about how they need to keep the top talent, which is not easy because they are found in such a high demand. They have 2 options – convince them of their worth or change the company culture. According to him, creating a culture which empowers employees would be an effective strategy for retaining top talent and keeping them happy in their workplace.

The head of human resources at Google, Beth Comstock, said that the only two ways to stop the best people from leaving is to have a better culture and pay top dollar.

For companies with a poor culture, she recommends more accountability and transparency to build trust within the company. She also said that companies need to develop a well-defined vision that aligns with what employees are working towards.

The second thing she advises is paying top dollar for top talent. While it might be tempting for HR professionals to agree on this point, many employers are struggling with recruiting the best people because they can’t afford them.