Grainful, the New Edge of Financial Investments

Grainful is a frozen food and meal kit corporation whose location is in Ithaca, New York. As one of the top consumer brands in the region, the company has been able to attract the attention of investors, who mainly fund institutions that prove to be more innovative than their competitors. For years, Grainful has been providing quality products and services to customers in Ithaca and beyond thus making it one of the most trusted brands. Because of the corporation’s industriousness, it has been able to attract the attention of unlikely partners, CircleUp, Advantage Capital, and Rand Capital. Based on Grainful’s proven track record, it has been able to instill confidence in the above institutions hence its $3.3 million in funding.

Although the ball has only started to roll, CircleUp, Advantage Capital (see Managing Director Ryan Brennan and SVP Mark Scheffel), and Round Capital are incredibly excited to work with Grainful. The corporations are optimistic about forging a good working relationship with Grainful’s team of employees so that together they can achieve a common goal. By working together, these organizations plan on supplying the global demand for early-stage consumer brands. Since the partnerships, Grainful has been able to raise more funds on CircleUp’s platform thus increasing the company’s competitive edge.

Grainful has grown from a simple to a sophisticated brand primarily because it has developed a sense of providing quality products and services to all its customers. Based on the above argument, CircleUp, Advantage Capital, and Rand Capital feel that Grainful can grow and expand so as to compete with international retailers. A plan has come up to bring together supply chain partners, marketers, investors and the like so as to sell oats that have been packaged differently to all consumers. Grainful is an oat specialist; one delicacy praised for its high nutritional value. Through time, Grainful has learned how to create beautiful flavors for oats thus attracting the world’s attention.

With such an expansion, the global community will be able to enjoy healthy nutrition at affordable prices. So far, Gainful has expanded and now handles an online platform that allows clients from across the globe have access to its products. Through the Grainful Online Store, oats and other items from Grainful will be readily available to you as a consumer. Currently, the company also sells its products through Amazon including other leading retailers across the United States of America. Hence, it is only a matter of time before Grainful takes on the global market.