Greg Wasson: The Humble CEO

Early Years of Climbing the Ladder

Greg Wasson ( started his career at Walgreens Pharmacy as an intern in 1980. He is from Indiana and went through the manager levels at a fast and steady pace. He as a humble man never thought or dreamed that he would become CEO of the entire $80 billion company in 2009.

Greg never thought of himself “as the CEO of Walgreens,” rather he thought of himself as the guy “who happened to be the CEO of Walgreens.” He is recognized as a humble confident leader who strives to stay grounded and down to earth as his goal is to boost not himself, but his team at Walgreens.

He feels that leaders must lead with the right balance by remaining grounded and to have a great deal of humility. Through all his tuff decisions, Wasson had to keep his employees’ confidence in him as well. That is why he has always kept the humble style with the line of communication always open. During this duration, he always continued to remain determined.

His Dad’s Advice

When Greg Wasson started his career, his father gave him his business card. When he turned over the business card he realized his father had written on the back of it, “Greg always stay humble.” This gave him the mindset that he carries to this day in his leadership style with his employees.

The Company Merges

Wasson remained at Walgreens until 2014 until the company merged with Boots Alliance. Today he runs an investment company that he co-founded with his wife, Kimberly, called Wasson Enterprise.

Still That Humble Guy Today

Greg Wasson tells everyone, “I always told my folks, ‘I’m not that special myself or individually, but collectively we’re brilliant, and if we all work together and leverage each other’s talents we could be incredibly talented.”