Hot Topics Today

There are many serious issues in politics today that people need to constantly watch the news just to check up on everything that is happening. There are a variety of problems that affect the country as a whole, and there are numerous opinions on which avenues are the right ones to take to rectify the problems.

The Most Important Problem Is The Economy

There are various viewpoints in the political arena on whether the economy is improving. Some say that it is and others say that it isn’t. It all depends on which sector of the country they are looking at. For many people, losing a job means the economy is getting worse, but for others that are doing well, the economy is improving. The futile attempts at the government trying to fix the problems with the deficit and the economy have not been seen to improve life for many people. Bickering between the Democrat and Republican parties has long caused a problem for improving the economy so many people have suffered as a result of it. The polarization of the two parties has been seen so much in the last couple of years because they refuse to make decision that are best for the country as a whole.

Who Will Be The Next President?

Since President Obama has served twice, the next president will have to deal with quite a few of the problems that were caused and not rectified during his term. There are many prospective candidates that could run, but no one can be sure what will happen during the election.

The Healthcare Reform Situation

Where the healthcare reform situation has helped several people because they can now get insurance where they could not before, it has also hurt many others by causing them to pay hundreds of dollars extra per month. The healthcare reform law has been despised by the Republicans and welcomed with open arms by the Democrats. They can’t come to common ground with the different aspects of the new law.

Politics will always play a huge part in what happens in the United States on a daily basis and it can be unnerving to the public. It can make or break the country. In the years that are coming up, many people hope that there can be an agreement by the politicians to do what is right for the country without polarizing the parties against each other.