How To Select The Best Partner For Your Business Continuity Plan

If you need help picking the best partner to develop a robust business continuity plan, you need to ask some serious questions. We have a “top 10” list of questions we recommend asking. The first five have to do with the provider company as a whole – we presented those in Part 1 of this two-part series. Now, let’s go a bit deeper – into the people who would potentially be servicing your business.

1. Who are the people who will actually be serving your company?

Don’t forget to ask about the people who will actually be coming to your site or otherwise interacting with and supporting you:

  • What is their level of experience – on a personal level?
  • Have they worked with other companies in your industry so that they are familiar with the unique issues and risks you may be facing?
  • Do they have applicable certifications in the field to validate their skills?

You want to avoid the trap of having experienced people “sell” the services to you, only to find that you are getting serviced by rookies in the field. You don’t want to be someone’s training ground.

2. Do they understand the big picture for your business?

We’ve already talked about the need to have a holistic resiliency mindset and approach in Part 1. Now, you need to make it more specific: does the provider understand the big picture for your business?

You want a provider who will learn your business from top to bottom: all the IT systems and networks, the business processes, the organizational structure, the physical facilities, the communications capabilities … all of it. Only then will the business continuity plan they develop be truly integrated and aligned with your business needs.

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Source: Forbes