NYC Law Firm Adds New Consulting Role

One of the world’s premier law firms has taken on a new role. In an effort to help better serve the needs of their clients both in New York City and around the world, officials at Debevoise & Plimpton have announced the appointment of a new staff member to help them offer special services to their many clients. Current Partners at the firm include Richard Bohm, Sean Hecker and Paul Bird. Officials here are pleased to welcome Simon Whitney to the company’s London offices later in the month. Whitney is to join the firm as a consultant on various issues that continue to be important in the field of international commerce and law.

Many Fields of Expertise

Whitney joins this firm after a stint at King & Wood Mallesons. Here, he was an esteemed member of the firm’s management board, helping to guide clients to the right kind of legal information to make important decisions. When not serving on the company’s board, his expertise is widely sought on various areas of international importance. He has chosen to speak to many audiences about subjects such as company law as well as effective corporate governance and many regulatory matters of interest both at home and abroad. His work also includes helping private companies and governmental organizations about matters of policy in order to offer them an international perspective. During the last few decades, many private company officials and local officials have sought out his advice on various matters. They know they can count on him for an honest and insightful answer.

New Challenges

In joining this new firm, Whitney looks forward to seeking out new challenges and new experiences. He is well aware that many contemporary law firms not only work on the law but also work on other issues such as those relating to finance. Those the firm of Debevoise & Plimpton welcome him as a new addition to their staff. They know that he can provide the kind of help their clients need in order to manage the many millions of funds entrusted to their care. New laws on the horizon are expected to create new challenges that they hope they will be able to fully meet. With the addition of Whitney to their staff, they are fully confident they will be able to rise to such challenges and continue to offer the kind of expert advice that clients have come to expect from them in today’s fast paced, changing business climate.