The Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi

The new Cleveland Clinic

  • Opened to the public in late 2015
  • Located in the United Arab Emirates’ second largest city, Abu Dhabi
  • Employs 175 physicians and over 1500 other kinds of health professionals
  • Provides medical care to about four hundred thousand patients each year

UAE Ambassador’s visit to Cleveland

Last month, the UAE’s ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba (, visited Cleveland, Ohio. He took part in several community events. He visited Emirati patients at the Cleveland Clinic. He visited a soccer field at Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) Academy, which the UAE Embassy had previously donated funds to help construct. Ambassador Al Otaiba commented that sports, especially soccer, helps bring people together. In a forum which was hosted by the City Club of Cleveland, he discussed relations between Ohio and the UAE. Local leaders and Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic also participated in the discussion.


At the forum, Ambassador Al Otaiba expressed gratitude for the Cleveland Clinic and the role it played in benefiting the community and contributing towards good relations with the UAE. He explained that the relationship started due to patients traveling from the UAE to receive medical care at the hospital. This eventually led to a branch being opened in the UAE.

A global impact

The clinic has drawn many people from other countries to Abu Dhabi. Patients from over seventy countries are treated each year at the health care facility. Dr. Mihaljevic commented on the success and the mission of the recently built healthcare facility. He explained that it would provide medical care for generations to come and would have a very significant impact internationally. One of the world’s best healthcare systems has been successfully replicated (