The Five Best Real Estate Developers in DC

Real estate developments in Washington DC have been a great source of revenue for most businesses and individuals. The vital role that this sector plays in the economy of the city cannot be underestimated. For companies and individuals looking for a real estate developer like Franklin Haney to contract, here are some of the five best real estate developers in the city.

1. Clark Construction

With over a hundred years in the industry and over 1,400 awards for their projects, Clark Construction could not miss in the list of the top five real estate development companies in Washington. Having development some outrageous properties including tunnels and healthcare facilities, they are surely a mark of excellence.

2. Lerner Enterprise

Boasting of over 6 decades in the industry, Lerner Enterprise makes up for one of the top five best real estate developers in the city. The company was established in the year 1952. The company is known for popular developments such as Dulles Town Center and Washington Square in the District of Columbia. As of today, they have completed more than 7,000 apartments, 20 million square feet of commercial and retail space and over 22,000 private homes.

3. Peterson Companies

This is the largest private real estate development company in the city. Some of their most popular development projects include Avonlea, The Espalade- National Harbor and 125 Waterfront Street- National Harbor. The company has a very wide clientele including retail, commercial and residential property buyers.

4. B. F. Saul Company

If you are looking for expertise, the B. F. Saul Company has got it. They started out in Washington DC when this was only a small town. They survived the crash and depression, emerging as the strongest and the best construction company in Washington, DC in the early days. Today, they concentrate in the construction, development and ownership of real estate in the city.

5. The Bernstein Companies

The Bernstein Companies is one of the pioneers of the real estate development industry in Washington. For over 8 decades, they have been a leading developer within the city, having notable developments such as The Papermill, Metro Gateway, and Aloft Raleigh. They have constructed over 300 residential units and over 40,000 square feet of office space. Under their portfolio, they offer services such as construction, acquisition and management of properties.