The Future of the U.S.-China Relationship

China and the United States have a long and complex history. Not only have they been adversaries, they have had recent moves toward an amicable relationship. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping recently established a positive personal relationship during a Mar-A-Lago meeting. This is encouraging to the world-wide stage, as China increases its rising power.

A choice needs to be made by the leaders of the two countries. They need to decide to come together, or they will drift apart, creating additional problems. If they can commit to reforming global order and create a stable relationship, it will be mutually beneficial to not only the two countries, but to the world. Because, Xi Jinping is dedicated to restoring respect for China on the national stage. Donald Trump sometimes seems committed to allowing this rise in power, albeit without sacrificing the position of the United States.

A serious conversation over the intentions towards China by the United States could establish the true intentions of both countries. Although there are disagreements and conflicts between the two countries, there is little probability of an armed conflict. However, respect will go a long way with both Donald Trump and Xi Jinping and their responses to world problems. The two countries are dedicated to staying away from “Thucydides’ Trap”. They do not want conflict because of China’s rise in world economics.

Both countries are dedicating themselves to realism. With unrealistic goals and views of each other’s policies, it will not be possible to have an amicable relationship. And, the realism needs to be inclusive of the region and the countries that encompass it, and in how they will work together. Together, China and the United States can help reestablish world order and develop solutions to more of the world’s problems, instead of assuming the other one is going to, or should, take care of it. This will enable them to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.