The History of Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing has become the safest and simplest form of oil exploration in the world today. Fracturing is a simple process that is used by exploration companies like Cunningham Energy, and fracturing allows for greater exploration of known oil reserves around the world. This article explains how fracturing has opened up the oil industry to greater reserves, greater safety and better prices for customers.

Oil Exploration Is Expensive
Even the finest companies in the world are spending millions of dollars a year search for new oil reserves. Certain oil reserves are hidden under shale deposits that are hard to penetrate, and fracturing helps penetrate the shale deposits without causing structural damage to the crust below, and fracturing happens much more quickly than other drilling operations that are far too dangerous.

Hundreds of men are needed to begin just one drilling operation, and drilling causing fire risks that are difficult to manage. Fracturing helps the work site stay safe, and the men working on the project may be spread out among several other projects. Fracturing helps companies with management, and fracturing helps simplify the process.

Deposits Under Shale Were Once Thought To Be Inaccessible
Oil deposits that we know are under shale were once thought to be lost. The deposits were nearly impossible to reach, and fracturing has given oil exploration companies an opportunity to reach these oil reserves. The oil reserves that are in use now will not last forever, and fracturing has allowed more oil exploration around the world. We are aware of several places on Earth where fracturing is necessary, and the world oil supply increasing every time fracturing is employed.

Fracturing Does Not Distract An Entire Community
The consistent hum of an oil operation is the price of doing business. There are industrial facilities all around America that make noise, but some industrial outposts cause too much disruption. Fracturing operations ensure that a community will not be disrupted by the operation on a daily basis. Oil exploration companies may work privately without causing the surrounding community great strain.

Hydraulic fracturing (explanation here) is a process that has been mastered by Cunningham Energy, and the process is helping increase the world oil supply. There are many deposits under shale that are finally accessible to the world through fracturing, and the process helps companies ensure that their operations are safer for their workers, the community and the world oil reserve.