The Top 5 Loan Management Software Companies

Successful lending institutions need loan management software. The top five loan management software companies hire tenacious individuals to do the job. They are skilled at collecting data; they have exceptional listening skills, searching for that moment of collecting the debt.

This also requires patience. They also equip employees with the best debt collection software that helps them acquire the resources needed to do the job.

Industries using Loan Management Software:

  • Commercial Lenders
  • Small business
  • Banks
  • Auto finance
  • Credit unions

There are more groups benefiting from the use of loan management software. These companies offer solutions for, data consolidation, reports, and accuracy in accounting. When a business has thousands of customers maintaining financial records becomes difficult.

Data passes through various departments. Without tracking, system errors are made, and revenue is lost. Mistakes also cause ill feeling when customers receive erroneous charges, tarnishing the reputation of a company; presenting the look of incompetence.

What attributes makes a great debt collection software company?

  • Patience
  • Preparation
  • Diligence
  • Research
  • Listening
  • Collecting

Katabat – the loan management solution that powers business, it picks up fragmented data and organizes it into a powerful information format ready for use. Katabat provides debt management and collections system software that automates collections, lowers the cost of operating, and improves portfolio management while providing secure recovery performance.

LA Pro – is given a five-star rating among its peers. This loan management software company offers a free trial. Proving to clients that it is a quality software business they can rely on. LA Pro is not afraid to provide proof of its excellence and it provides efficiency and quality customer service.

Margill Loan Manager – covers loan and collection management completely, from beginning to end. A company, small or large sets up the software according to its way of doing business. The software provides accuracy and is simple to use. It delivers regular updates and is versatile. In the event of a crash, data is automatically retrieved.

The Loan Office – Designed for any sized financial institution. The service is cloud-based. The Loan Office issues reports, provides a financial calculator and offers loan management solutions. The program integrates with Microsoft Excel and Word programs. It prints tax programs and incorporates with QuickBooks.

The Nortridge Loan System – provides a financial operating system that incorporates workflow and robotics to collect and control financial accounts. The system encourages lower delinquency, track efficiency.

The above companies are only a few of the companies helping the financial industry make use of technological resources. The inclusion of software’s artificial intelligence helps to consolidate financial records, evaluate information, and set up automated collections.