The UAE Helps Create Leadership Initiative at Harvard Kennedy

The Harvard Kennedy School Fellowship has brought top talent across international borders for the sake of the Emirates Leadership Initiative. This program, created through a collaboration between the Center for Public Leadership, and the Middle East Initiative at HKS, and the government of the United Arab Emirates, is a prime channel for the world of researchers, creating a dialogue that both inspires and expands upon projects world-wide.

The Emirates Leadership Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School provides students with the opportunity to experience international exposure and project management. Established in 2014 with funding from the Government of the United Arab Emirates, this program will expand upon Harvard’s already far reaching influence on students on an international scale, but especially the Arab world. The program will focus on a group of objectives for bettering executive education, leadership and advanced research throughout many of the fellowship programs.

The Emirates Leadership Initiative grants a maximum of 10 graduate fellowships to Arab students, including six pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships that specialize on academic expertise on the Middle East. Annual educational exchanges will promote interactive educational objectives, letting Harvard students and faculty participate in exchanges with important public and private sector entities. This will be important for the UAE’s rapid growth and development. This program tackles
global issues, culture and politics.

Previous participants in the program have noted that seminars and valuable cross-cultural exchanges have given them and academic experience that has both refined their approach to business and views on the world around them. This is all accomplished through many programs aimed at exchange amongst international students. Participants go through a stimulating co-curricular experience that not only aims to enhance their leadership and management skills, but also to engage a development that will put them in the positions for future leaders of the Arab world.

The co-curricular activities typically encompass an initial retreat, and a recurring series of speakers, along with different workshops and seminars. To put an emphasis on the practical value of this program, designers of the program have also included a field experience during which students are able to connect with fellow Center for Public Leadership fellows and alumni. This is an ideal program for students wishing not only to learn in an international setting, but also to create a professional network of future leaders who will be responsible for managing some of the world’s top corporations and government organizations.