Top Real Estate Development Companies in Washington

In Washington DC, real estate is undoubtedly a behemoth in scale. Various companies exist that attempt to help people with their forays into real estate ventures. Such companies attempt to streamline the process behind these actions, and given the temporal and spatial considerations of the occurrences, are proving increasingly essential in the field.

Some companies based in the DC area include:

  1. PN Hoffman and Associates
  2. Peterson Companies
  3. Douglas Development
  4. Clark Construction
  5. Lerner Enterprises
  6. Frank Haney

Companies such as the above have various approaches to the development of concerned properties. PN Hoffman and Associates, as an example, by their own description describe their focus on “design, construction, sales, and marketing services for individual residential and mix-use development projects.” Hence, the implementation side, in both terms of business and financial applicability, is emphasized in their focus.

Peterson Companies, as another example, cogently summarizes how they offer “fully-integrated development services for commercial, office, residential and retail real estate.” In this case, a fully-integrated service line is offered, in contrast to the implementation side that was aforementioned in the case PN Hoffman and Associates.

Lerner Enterprises, for example, is “involved in all phases of commercial, residential, retail, hotel and mixed-use real estate including planning, development, construction, leasing, and asset and property management.” Hence, it can be seen that a multi-phase approach is specified, with a broad range of actions and spatial locations specified in the description. Mixed-use real estate, in particular, seems to be a focal point, since the real estate service offered by the enterprise, by nature, caters to mixed functions.

The purpose of this is not to favor one company over another, but rather to elucidate a clear point of distinction between aims and implementation: whereas some of the best firms in DC focus on implementation, others may focus on certain aspects such as an integrated approach of all considerations.

Ultimately, it is up to consumer needs to decide what is essential to consider. In DC, real estate has been and continues to be a burgeoning field of large stature, and thus a quality company ultimately does prove not only to be an option, but increasingly a necessity with the needs of today. Since Washington DC is essentially a hub to touring citizens of all social classes, races, and classifications, it ultimately falls subject to close scrutiny. Under the microscope of examination, a top company for the development of real estate helps shape the face of DC.