Unifying China and the United States

China is one of the most quickly emerging dominant world powers in the political sphere today while the United States has long since held a similar title. The ability for these two countries to get along is one that is entirely necessary for continued world peace and a bright future for the world as a whole. These are two countries that have long held an extremely extensive economic partnership; one that is necessary for both countries prosperity. The amount of trade that exists between these two world powers is one that requires positive political relations between the two. It is a relationship that leaders such as Hillary Clinton have referred to as the most important relationship between any two countries in the world. (Follow along with updates by searching for #CUSEF on Twitter.)

Trade Talks:

In 2009, a high-level dialogue between the United States and China entitled the “U.S.–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue” began taking place in Washington D.C. It is an intensive way to address the opportunities that the relationship between the United States and China foster within the greater world as a whole, as well as within their own countries. Former President Barack Obama of the United States and Chinese President Hu Jintao placed these talks at the very center of the relationship between the two countries. When these two were president, they were completely dead set on creating meaningful and sustainable progress when it came to strategic and economic objectives. The focus on these leaders to create such a relationship is evidence that this is one that is greatly valued by the leaders in the highest positions of power within their countries and is one necessary for the prosperity of the continued prosperity of both the United States and China.

The willingness to work with China is heavily dependent by the individuals that are within the highest offices of power, however. The talks were renamed to the “Comprehensive Economic Dialogue” in 2017, shortly after President Donald Trump took office and the relationships between the two countries has slowed slightly as both Trump and the new Chinese president Xi Jinping have seen each other on different terms than past leaders had viewed the relationship between the United States and China. Here’s to hoping that the United States leaders in Washington D.C. and the Chinese leaders can come to a greater understanding of each other to preserve one of the most important international relationships in the world.