Unifying China and the United States

Having a good relationship between the United States and China is a catalyst for both countries experiencing robust growth in their gross domestic product. For instance, both countries have the largest economies in the world and for them to have a cordial working relationship will only make it easier for them to address issues hindering the growth of their economies. Both the U.S. and China have the largest consumer market and by them having an excellent working relationship will make it possible to create an adequate market for their products. The U.S. and China have different cultures that tapping into them would give the countries to have a comparative advantage.

Benefits of good relations between the U.S. and China

The most beneficiary of good relations between the two countries are the people living in the two nations. For instance, the Chinese population is more than a billion people; the above figures present an opportunity for the American people to sell their products to them. After exporting the products to the Chinese people, then the Americans will generate foreign currency creating a ripple effect on their living conditions. Besides, the large population of the Chinese has an added advantage to the American people informed of cheap labor. Recently, the American organizations dealing with coal, steel, and other manufacturing are grappling with the high cost of production due to the scarcity of labor force. Therefore, having a good relation with China will make it possible for the American manufacturers to outsource cheap labor, making it possible to cut the cost of production.

The other benefit of the China-U.S. relation is the creation of the conducive trading environment between the two countries. Thus when the relationship between the two governments is cordial, the business environment is also conducive such that the tax regime is reasonable. Recently, globalization has changed the manner countries interact with each other, and in some instance, it has become an impediment to trade. The conducive relations between the two countries will also make it possible for the Americans and Chinese to exchange technological knowledge for the benefit of gaining competitive edge across the world.

Notably, the other benefit of good relations between the U.S. and China, as supported by organizations such as CUSEF, is the exchange programs the young people will get. The exchange programs are essential in enabling the young generation to get exposure on the various aspects that are essential in nurturing their growth and development. Thus, through the good relations people will be in a position to learn each other cultures and in the process initiate business ventures.