Washington DC Development Is A Family Affair

Washington DC has been a Frank Haney family town ever since it first became the seat of American government. People have slowly moved into the city and filled it up over time, and the city is being developed to this day by companies that are run by old families of the city. Some of these families have been there since the times when the Capitol building was not yet built and there was only one hotel for all legislators to stay in.

These Companies Have Washington’s Best Interests At Heart

The family owned companies that are developing the city know what is best for Washington. These companies are not looking to overdo the development they complete, and these companies will not attempt to turn the city into a haven for skyscrapers. Great developers are using their creativity to make the city look better while it grows.

These Companies Know Which Parts Of The City Need Help

Family companies know which parts of DC need to have the most help, and these companies are targeting areas that could stand to be renovated. The worst communities in DC need to be turned around so that crime will not take over each area, and these communities will benefit from developments that create jobs and property tax revenue. Each family can target these areas without doing any research, and the development will still make sense.

The City Has Untouchable Areas

There are parts of the city that are untouchable, and these families know which parts of the city cannot be changed in any way. There are solid and stable parts of the city that can never be changed, and there are parts of the city that will always be under the control of the government. DC families know that places like the Navy Yard will never change, and there are areas around the Smithsonian that will always sit in the shadow of the museum. People who grew up in this area know what is permanent in the city, and these areas are respected.

The families of the city who have grown up for generations in DC know which parts of the city should be developed first, and these families make sure that the city is put together in ways that are proper for the good of the city. The city will always look unique as long as its founding families are completing its development projects.