What’s Happening in Business

There are a variety of events that are affecting various companies and industries. The news that a consumer may find of interest concerns an automobile manufacturer and a couple of tech companies.

Tesla Motors

A ban that was put in place by New Jersey is being appealed by Tesla Motors Inc. The ban prevents the direct sales of their automobiles directly to the public. Tesla is arguing that the ban prevents them from offering consumers sustainable transportation and will give entrenched franchise dealers in the state an unfair advantage.

The Chief Executive of Tesla is fighting with United States car dealers in many states to offer the company’s electric Model S sedan for sale directly to the consumer. A commission in New Jersey is preventing Tesla from selling their vehicles by imposing a ban the company. The ban is being appealed to the state’s Superior Court.

One of the main issues is franchise car dealers have a conflict of interest in selling electric cars. Selling electric car effectively means highlighting the reason electric cars are superior to gasoline cars. Tesla is arguing the ban is a violation of the state’s constitution.


A recent ad campaign from Samsung is having an effect on Apple. This is a claim that was made by the lawyer who is representing Samsung in their patent trial with Apple. The ads from Samsung worried an Apple executive who suggested a change to their own agency in a message to the CEO.

The ad campaign is seen as one reason why Apple is continuing to sue Apple for patent infringement. A lot of work is needed by Apple to turn around the effect of Samsung’s ads. This was pointed out by Samsung’s lawyer in the Apple executive’s email.

The current trial between Apple and Samsung is the latest in an ongoing series of lawsuits. Both have a problem as they are claiming products have ideas and features that are stolen. Five patents are currently being infringed by Samsung, as claimed by Apple. Samsung is currently accusing Apple of stealing two ideas to use in their iPads and iPhones.


Five months after the last update to Windows 8.1, Microsoft has announced another major update. There was an announcement by Microsoft at their Build Developer conference taking place in San Francisco. The goal of this update is to make a traditional keyboard and mouse controls easier to use. There are also a variety of updates to address consumer complaints.