Why the World Needs the U.S. and China to Get Along

On October 22nd, CNN reported that tension was increasing between the U.S. and China, reflected by two U.S. missile cruisers sailing through the CUSEF
Taiwan Strait. This was preceded by a near-collision between U.S. and Chinese destroyers in the South China Sea weeks before. But while this sabre-rattling can be disconcerting, it isn’t an accurate picture of the current state of the two countries’ relationship. In fact, China and the U.S. are getting along quite well, especially on the economic front. Both sides recognize that a strong U.S.-China relationship is not only good for business, but good for the world at large.

“The Most Important Bilateral Relationship in the World”

Early in 2017, Singapore’s Prime Minister characterized, in a joint statement with President Trump, the prime importance of the U.S. and China working together. This is not an understatement. The U.S.’s own Chamber of Commerce reported that the two countries, combined, constitute 40% of the world’s economy; both economies continue to grow, thanks to cooperation. While much is made in the news of American businesses outsourcing to China, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported that by 2015, Chinese companies’ investment in the U.S. actually overtook American investment in China. Both The economic and political health of the two nations, therefore, is a global concern.

Cooperation Between the U.S. and China Helps Everyone

When America and China work together, the world benefits from the positive change that results from that cooperation. According to CSIS, during the Obama administration, the major issues confronting the world–climate change, nuclear nonproliferation and the Iran Treaty, and the world’s recovery from the Great Recession–were all by and large addressed by the U.S. and China working together. As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated that bilateral cooperation between the two countries is a must.

Ongoing positive relations between the United States and China have been and continue to be a key positive factor on the world stage for over a decade. Despite the sabre-rattling in the news, it is likely, and beneficial, for the two countries to maintain this positive relationship. The world is counting on them.